Step 1: Severity, Area, and Intensity

1. Where are you currently experiencing plaque psoriasis symptoms?

Click on the parts of the body that match where you have plaques. Check as many areas as necessary.

One way doctors determine plaque psoriasis severity is to evaluate the percentage of the body that's covered by plaques.


Plaques on less than 3% of the body.



Plaques on  3-10% of the body.



Plaques on more than 10% of the body.


There are also other factors that are taken into consideration for severity. Be sure to tell your doctor where your plaques appear or if they are especially thick, red, scaly, or itchy, to ensure you receive an accurate diagnosis.

*A treatment like SKYRIZI is not meant to treat cases of mild psoriasis. In clinical trials, patients had at least 10% of their body affected by psoriasis.

2. What percentage of your body is affected by psoriasis?

You can use your hand to figure it out. Using one hand to represent 1% of body surface, measure how much of your body is covered by psoriasis.

Severity Symptoms Image

If you answered yes and are experiencing any new or worsening symptoms, it's important to describe those details to your dermatologist at your next appointment. 

Your doctor may reevaluate your treatment plan depending on the symptoms you may be experiencing.

Step 2: Treatment Experience

1. How are you currently treating your psoriasis? Check all that apply. 


Could SKYRIZI be right for you? It’s important to discuss treatment options and expectations with your doctor, and work together to recognize when it might be time to consider different treatment options.

2. What are you looking for when discussing a different treatment with your doctor? Check all that apply.

Answer5 Image

SKYRIZI can help keep skin clearer with 4 doses a year, after 2 starter doses. In clinical trials, 3 out of 4 people achieved 90% clearer skin at 4 months, with just 2 doses. Ask your doctor if SKYRIZI could work for you.

Step 3: Daily Management

Answer6 Image

Why does the amount of time you're spending matter? Your treatment may need to be reevaluated if you're spending more time than you want managing your disease. If you feel like you're devoting a lot of time to symptom management, be sure to share those details with your doctor.

2. How has plaque psoriasis impacted your life? Check all that apply. 

Answer7 Image

Plaque psoriasis affects everyone differently. That’s why it’s important to talk with your doctor about the full impact psoriasis has on you. Sharing this information helps your doctor better understand what you may be experiencing.

Step 4: Setting New Goals

Treatment goals help keep you focused during your appointment with your doctor. To describe your goals in an actionable way and move your conversation forward, fill in the blanks below to generate your goal statement.

1. Fill in the blanks below to create your goal statement.

Goal Image

Sample goal statement:

"I’ve been on my current treatment for period of time. Is it normal for me to be experiencing symptom/s? I’d like to see result/s in length of time."

Question4 Summary Image

Your Goal Statement

"I've been on my current treatment for . Is it normal for me to be experiencing ? I'd like to see  in ."

Sometimes it’s difficult to articulate all of your treatment goals to your dermatologist. By helping them focus on the ones that matter most to you, they’ll be able to provide a treatment approach that may fit your individual needs.

You're almost all set! By clicking "See your full treatment conversation," you'll be directed to your responses.

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