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Skyrizi Complete is here for you, with everything you need to know about the SKYRIZI On-Body Injector (OBI):

  • Watch a helpful, step-by-step OBI training video
  • Get useful tips to help with injections
  • Access resources to support injecting at home including an OBI training guide
  • Understand your treatment schedule and how it helps keep you on track

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Get to know the
SKYRIZI On-Body Injector

A few things to know about the OBI:

  • Your first injection will be 4 weeks after your third infusion
  • A healthcare provider should show you how to properly inject before you start injecting on your own
  • You will then inject every 8 weeks in the comfort of your own home, as prescribed by your doctor
  • It takes about 5 minutes to complete your injection after preparing your OBI to inject

Select the + circles below to explore the OBI's features on its front and back.

Select the + circles below to explore the OBI's features on its front and back.

Front of SKYRIZI On-Body Injector

This light will flash blue when the OBI is activated. During the injection, it flashes green and stops flashing when completed.


Behind this door is where the prefilled cartridge of SKYRIZI is loaded.


Pressing this button starts your injection. Do not touch until ready to inject.


This shows how much SKYRIZI is in the prefilled cartridge.

Back of SKYRIZI On-Body Injector

This covers the needle located inside.


Pulling these tabs removes the adhesive on the top and bottom.


Select the + circles below to explore the OBI's features on its front and back.

Watch, step-by-step, how to use the On-Body Injector

Watch the full video. Then choose a specific step from the menu above to watch any of the sections again.

Step 1: Prepare SKYRIZI


Prepare by getting everything you’ll need: alcohol wipes, gauze pads or cotton balls, and sharps disposal container.

Step 2: Pick SKYRIZI Injection Site


Pick your injection site—thigh or abdomen.

Step 3: Peel SKYRIZI


Peel off the 2 green pull tabs to reveal the adhesive without touching the needle.

Step 4: Place SKYRIZI


Place the OBI on your skin at the injection site you picked. Make sure you can see the blue status light.

Step 5: Press SKYRIZI


Press and release the gray start button. A flashing green light will appear. When the injection is complete, the green light goes solid.

Understanding your treatment schedule

Treatment for moderate to severe Crohn’s disease with SKYRIZI starts with 3 intravenous (IV) infusions: 1 every 4 weeks, as prescribed by your doctor. After your third infusion, you will begin using the On-Body Injector for as long as your doctor prescribes.

Skyrizi infusion and OBI timeline, starting with your doctor prescribed skyrizi. Infusions: infusion #1 in week 0. #2 in week 4. #3 in week 8. On-body injections: #1 in week 12. #2 in week 20. #3 in week 28. #4 in week 36.

Your healthcare provider will let you know where you’ll be receiving your infusions—either at their office, a hospital, or an infusion center.

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SKYRIZI Complete App

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Your Skyrizi Complete Nurse Ambassador* can help you start and stay on track with using your OBI. They can:

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Help with understanding your role in coordinating your SKYRIZI prescription

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Offer injection training either in person or virtually

Connect you with resources to help you manage injecting

*Nurse Ambassadors are provided by AbbVie and do not work under the direction of your health care professional (HCP) or give medical advice. They are trained to direct patients to their HCP for treatment-related advice, including further referrals.

Call your Nurse Ambassador for personalized support and access to resources at 1.866.SKYRIZI (1.866.759.7494).

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