4 doses a year—after 2 starter doses

With SKYRIZI, quarterly dosing can fit into your schedule. Each dose consists of one
150mg/mL injection beneath the skin.

2 starter doses—4 weeks apart

Continue with 1 dose every 12 weeks

Choose what's right for you

SKYRIZI is available as the SKYRIZI Pen or pre-filled syringe. It can be taken in your doctor's office or at home after you receive training from your healthcare provider. Talk to your doctor to see what choice is right for you. 

Use the SKYRIZI Pen without seeing the needle. The SKYRIZI Pen guides you with audio and visual cues so you know when your dose is complete.

Ease of use certified by the Arthritis Foundation

The SKYRIZI Pen was awarded an Ease of Use certification from the Arthritis Foundation’s independent lab testing, which included psoriatic arthritis patients.

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