Only 6 Doses a Year at Home

After 3 Starter Doses

at a Healthcare Facility

Dose Day 1, Week 4, Week 8

Start SKYRIZI with 3 infusions through a vein in your arm (intravenous infusion), administered by a healthcare provider.

Each dose consists of a 1200 mg intravenous infusion.

at Home Every 8 Weeks

Dose Week 12, Week 20, Week 28, Week 36, Week 44, Week 52

Continue SKYRIZI at home, after receiving training from a healthcare provider, with an under-the-skin (subcutaneous) injection using the prefilled cartridge with the SKYRIZI On-Body Injector (OBI).

Each dose consists of 180 mg/1.2 mL or 360 mg/2.4 mL subcutaneous injection via OBI. Your doctor will decide what maintenance dose is right for you.

See the SKYRIZI “Instructions for Use” for the full set of detailed instructions on the preparation and administration of SKYRIZI.

SKYRIZI OBI: Designed With You in Mind

The SKYRIZI OBI gives you the convenience to administer your maintenance doses at home. With hands-free dosing, you can do moderate physical activities, such as walking, reaching, and bending, during treatment. The OBI also features lights and sounds that notify you when the full dose has been delivered and the OBI can be removed.


Once the injection preparation and application are complete.


Discreet injection so you don’t see the needle.


No measuring medication.


Small enough to fit in the palm of the hand.

Your healthcare provider will show you how to administer your at-home doses. See the SKYRIZI “Instructions for Use” for the full set of detailed instructions on the preparation and administration of SKYRIZI.

Man Holding the SKYRIZI On-Body Injector

In a patient survey, 93% of patients reported the OBI was “Easy to Use” after the first use

In a survey of the SKYRIZI OBI in patients with moderate to severe Crohn’s disease, patient-reported experience was collected using a Self-Injection Assessment Questionnaire (SIAQ). Patients were given the questionnaire after injection training by a healthcare provider (HCP) and following their first self-injection. 41 out of 44 patients reported the OBI was either “easy” or “very easy” to use.

HOW TO USE SKYRIZI: See the detailed “Instructions for Use” that comes with SKYRIZI for information on how to prepare and inject a dose of SKYRIZI, and how to properly throw away (dispose of) a used SKYRIZI prefilled cartridge with the OBI. Before self-injecting with the SKYRIZI prefilled cartridge with OBI, your healthcare provider should show you how to inject SKYRIZI.

Man Holding the SKYRIZI On-Body Injector


After your HCP has shown you how to administer your at-home dose with the SKYRIZI OBI, watch this video if you ever need a refresher.

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