Talk With Your Doctor About Your Crohn’s Symptoms & How They Affect Your Daily Life

It’s important to share the frequency and severity of your symptoms with your doctor, but it’s just as important to discuss and assess how your symptoms impact your daily life.

This Doctor Discussion Guide for Crohn’s can help identify changes in your symptoms since your last doctor visit and note the most important symptoms to share.

Have Your Symptom Details in One Place With This Doctor Discussion Guide

Answer a few short questions about your symptoms to make the most of your visit.

Download your answers or send them to your email, so you can have them in hand for your next gastroenterologist appointment.


What’s the most important topic you want to discuss with your gastro?

Understanding flare-ups and remission

A flare-up happens when symptoms come on suddenly, without warning. Remission, however, is when you experience a time with few or no symptoms.

Learning more about treatment goals

Did you know that some key goals for Crohn’s disease treatment are to help you achieve symptom relief, endoscopic improvement, and maintain remission?

How to improve my intestinal lining

Talk to your doctor about how SKYRIZI can help achieve visible improvement of the intestinal lining.

All of the above

That’s great! These are all important topics to discuss regarding your Crohn’s and treatment options.

The best approach to treatment is having a good relationship with your doctor, your nurses, THE WHOLE TEAM THAT HELPS TAKE CARE OF YOU.

Kade, a real Crohn’s patient using SKYRIZI

Other Things to Consider When Talking to Your Doctor About Crohn’s

You always know what questions you want to ask your doctor until you’re actually face-to-face with them. Here are a few things to help you organize your thoughts for your next appointment.

Tell your doctor

  • If you’re skipping important events
  • If you’re avoiding certain foods
  • If you’re frequently running to the bathroom

Ask your doctor

  • Why is symptom relief important?
  • How can endoscopic improvement help?
  • What are the benefits and risks of each treatment option?

Ask your doctor if SKYRIZI could be right for you

  • Could it help with symptom relief and remission?
  • Could it help with endoscopic improvement and why is this important?
  • Could it help achieve your treatment goals?
  • How long could the results last?